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Hello beekeepers and bee interested folks!

Our goal is to provide an online presence for beekeepers and the community to come together and collaborate. This site is built so that you can participate. If you are interested in participating, please contact us and send your article, news or comments, so we can publish it on this website. You can write articles, send links, and comments on others posts/pages, join the mailing list, add to the schedule of events or send your interesting beekeeping pictures for the gallery.

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5 responses to “Welcome to the SDC Beeks”

  1. Wes Avatar

    I bought a pollen bee nest, to try to help the bee population, but they have not nested. I moved it twice and I do not know what I am doing wrong. I live in the Cochiti Mesa area at 8,400 feet. Could I get some advice as what to do.



    1. jason Avatar

      Hi Wes
      You should write to the mailing list with this question. http://sdcbeeks.org/mailing-list/


  2. Mark Vollinger Avatar
    Mark Vollinger

    Dear Club
    Susan and I miss the club members and meetings. We learned so much and the club connected us to beekeepers and our community.
    Check out a Paul Swann’s NY Times article on wool monk mushroom extracts and potential help fighting varioa mites. There is hope!
    Mark & Susan

  3. Bob Curtis Avatar
    Bob Curtis

    Our apple tree is starting to bloom but no bees have shown up as of yet. Any possibility of placing a hive temporarily to be able to do the trick?

    We live in the Las Campanas area so a resident hive is not allowed. There used to be a couple of hives at Arroyo Vino but think they have gone away with the Covid restrictions.

    Any suggestions appreciated.

    1. Kate Whealen Avatar
      Kate Whealen

      Hi Bob, I’m sorry this reply is late but I wanted to assure you that there are quite a few beehives in Las Campanas where I have been mentoring several people for years and there is also a community beeyard with numerous beehives. So you shouldn’t have any issues with pollination. Often plants, especially fruit trees, only secrete nectar at a certain time for a short period. In the case of fruit trees, it’s usually in the morning so the bees actually learn the time and return then instead of having to keep coming and checking it out. So you may not see bees except at certain times. I guess the covenants out there may vary but it is my understanding that you can keep 2 beehives on your property.