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  1. The Community Farm is hosting a spring break camp for kids grades 1-6 this week, March 14-16 and hope to bring a local beekeeper to share and inspire the kids about bees and pollination. Steve Wall of Buckin Bee Honey suggested Kate Weeling as a beneficial option. If you have any ideas, would you please contact us by e-mail or at 983-3033 as soon as possible. Thanks so much.

  2. Thank you for compiling this detailed list of bee-friendly plants for Santa Fe residents who want to know how they can help the hives and their beekeepers. I was wondering if I could share this list on the Sustainable Santa Fe facebook fan page and friend profile, as well as the Sustainable Santa Fe wordpress blog. Thank you.

    • Please do! It would be great if you linked directly or included a link citation, it will help raise our search engine rankings and get our information out to even more people.

  3. I bought a pollen bee nest, to try to help the bee population, but they have not nested. I moved it twice and I do not know what I am doing wrong. I live in the Cochiti Mesa area at 8,400 feet. Could I get some advice as what to do.



  4. Hello! I am interested in having a hive on my 1-acre parcel in Santa Fe proper, but unsure of the city ordinances or how to find out if I even may be able to. Help please? Thank you in advance!

    • You can have a hive. Check with your direct neighbors about their concerns or allergies before you do it. If they complainyou will have to move it. That is the main concern and a good one to afddress anyway. Also keep an epipen available in case someone gets stung while at your acre and is allergic.

  5. Dear Club
    Susan and I miss the club members and meetings. We learned so much and the club connected us to beekeepers and our community.
    Check out a Paul Swann’s NY Times article on wool monk mushroom extracts and potential help fighting varioa mites. There is hope!
    Mark & Susan

  6. Just signing up here –

  7. I live in an area of Santa Fe where I have heard of bear sightings though I have seen none. I was discouraged from even having bird feeders on my property (3.5 acres). I gave up my dream of having hives but was wondering if there is a community apiary where folks can have a few hives & tend to the bees for a fee. Many thanks, Avi

  8. Our apple tree is starting to bloom but no bees have shown up as of yet. Any possibility of placing a hive temporarily to be able to do the trick?

    We live in the Las Campanas area so a resident hive is not allowed. There used to be a couple of hives at Arroyo Vino but think they have gone away with the Covid restrictions.

    Any suggestions appreciated.

    • Hi Bob, I’m sorry this reply is late but I wanted to assure you that there are quite a few beehives in Las Campanas where I have been mentoring several people for years and there is also a community beeyard with numerous beehives. So you shouldn’t have any issues with pollination. Often plants, especially fruit trees, only secrete nectar at a certain time for a short period. In the case of fruit trees, it’s usually in the morning so the bees actually learn the time and return then instead of having to keep coming and checking it out. So you may not see bees except at certain times. I guess the covenants out there may vary but it is my understanding that you can keep 2 beehives on your property.

  9. i’m located in Farmington NM, can i attend virtually on this meeting?